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Danorlagh Energy Systems are proud suppliers of SEAI grant eligible Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Energy systems


You can be paid up to €3,800 to install solar panels and make your own electricity!


This Irish Government has launched the generous grant scheme to promote the nationwide installation of solar panels to domestic properties, so the answer to the question of whether it’s the right thing to do is a resounding YES! 

Every year for more than 10 years we have seen our energy bills increase, and up until now we’ve just had to take it on the chin, and do nothing but complain about it. But now, finally, you can do something about it and escape the clutches of the energy companies. 

The way the grant scheme works is that you get paid €700 for every kilowatt of solar panels you install: 

  • 1kw system = €700 grant 
  • 1.5kw system = €1,050 grant 
  • 2kw system = €1,400 grant 
  • 3kw system = €2,100 grant 
  • 4kw system = €2,800 grant

And once you exceed 2kw you can have a battery storage system too, and get an additional €1,000:

  • 2kw system + battery = €2,400
  • 2.5kw system + battery = €2,750
  • 3kw system + battery = €3,100
  • 4kw system + battery = €3,800

The only factors effecting whether it’s right for YOU is are the physical constraints of your property. 

  • Do you own the property?
  • Is your roof big enough? (The panels measure 1.6m x 1m and you’ll want a minimum of 6)
  • Is the roof free from shade? 
  • Do you have a suitable roof, or roofs that face either South, East, or West? 

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then solar is perfect for you!

What does kWh and the kW rating actually mean? 

The kW rating is the power output of the panels at their peak performance, the period of time that they produce this amount of energy for is measured in kWh. So if you have a 2kW system, in ideal conditions for 1 hour it’ll produce 2kWh of power. Now, if the amount of light falling on the system is half that of the ideal conditions, due to shade or perhaps because the sun is going down for the day, then in 1 hour a 2kw system would produce just 1kWh of power. This is why we want to ensure that the panels are installed on the best roof possible, that’s free from shade, to make sure the panels are able to work at their peak performance as much as possible so that you get the most from your system 


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